AMR Corporation

Business Bankruptcy Filings Are Down Substantially

It appears that businesses are not filing bankruptcy at a pace that was predicted earlier this year, after Kodak and Hostess filed their bankruptcy cases, and following AMR‘s fourth quarter filing in 2011.  See Where Are the Tidal Waves of Chapter 11… Read More ›

US Airways to Become More Involved in AMR’s Bankruptcy

On July 12, 2012, US Airways announced to the Associated Press that it is now a creditor of AMR.  US Airways spokesman, John McDonald, said his airline paid $600,000 for AMR bonds with a face value of $1 million. While purchasing a… Read More ›

American Airlines Considers Merger Options

July 12 – Dallas.  KRLD Radio was interested in American Airline‘s recent announcement that it would start considering merger options with several other airlines; not just US Airways.  A portion of the interview is attached to this link: KRLD Interview…. Read More ›

American Airlines Seeks to Cut Retiree Benefits

AMR Corporation, the parent of American Airlines, has sought court permission to reduce retiree health benefits and impose out-of-pocket costs for access to certain other health coverage.  The Airline announced that it would discontinue retiree life insurance and would end… Read More ›