Recent Case Law

Texas Bankruptcy Court Invalidates Foreclosure Sale Based on Technicality?

In In re AMRCO, Inc., Case No. 13-11086 (Bankr. W.D. Tex. July 26, 2013), the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas recently invalidated a pre-bankruptcy foreclosure sale that concluded minutes before a chapter 11 petition was filed, based… Read More ›

Third Circuit Rules Future Claimant Lacks Standing to Object to Plan

Following the saga of asbestos-related bankruptcy cases, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC lacked standing to object to the confirmation of the chapter 11 plan of W.R. Grace & Co., because Garlock could not demonstrate it… Read More ›

Delaware Court Says You Cannot Separate an Integrated Lease

A Delaware Bankruptcy Court recently ruled that a debtor cannot assume only certain portions of a real property lease covering several, separate properties; instead the debtor must assume the entire lease (cum onere) or reject the entire lease.  See In re… Read More ›

Fifth Circuit Revives Warn Act Class Action in Bankruptcy

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently remanded a dismissed adversary proceeding where a former employee of a corporate debtor attempted to assert a class action on behalf of himself and 129 other employees for alleged violations of the Worker Adjustment… Read More ›

Fifth Circuit Opines On Chapter 11 Voting Process

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently determined the issue of whether a chapter 11 plan that artificially impairs a class of creditors for purposes of complying with section 1129(a)(10) of the Bankruptcy Code is confirmable.  See Western Real Estate Equities, L.L.C…. Read More ›

Ninth Circuit Limits Bankruptcy Jurisdiction in Fraudulent Conveyance Cases

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that a bankruptcy judge does not have jurisdictional authority to enter a final judgment in a fraudulent conveyance action against a non-claimant to a bankruptcy estate.  See Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v…. Read More ›