Recent Case Law

Can Golden Shares Block a Bankruptcy Filing?

The term “golden shares” is often referred to equity interests held by a specific party—commonly a lender or investor—that authorize such party to block or prevent a corporate entity from filing bankruptcy. Such shares are often negotiated by a party… Read More ›

Does the Bankruptcy Code Adequately Protect Lessors?

The Bankruptcy Code often instructs a trustee or debtor to perform an act or make an election within a certain time. Sometimes the relevant provisions are intended to benefit a party in interest who is affected by a debtor’s or… Read More ›

Delaware Court Applies “Kiwi” Defense to Preferential Transfers

In In re NewPage Corporation, et al., Adversary Proceeding No. 13-52429 (Bankr. D. Del. Feb. 13, 2017), a Delaware Bankruptcy Court applied a unique defense to certain preferential transfers targeted by a liquidating trustee. The defense focuses on a commonly… Read More ›

Junior Lienholders’ Interests Extinguished in a “Free and Clear” Sale

State and federal laws provide numerous protections to secured parties to preserve their interests in collateral.  As secured parties well know, however, these protections become more and more limited when the collateral is pledged to multiple secured parties.  Issues, like priority… Read More ›

Secured Transaction Avoided as Unauthorized Postpetition Transfer

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina recently avoided several secured financing arrangements, entered into by a debtor without court approval, as illicit transfers under section 549(a) of the Bankruptcy Code.  See James B. Angel v…. Read More ›

Wow! Fifth Circuit Eases Standard for Awarding Professional Fees

In a long-awaited opinion, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed its ruling in Pro-Snax Distributors, Inc., 157 F.3d 414, 426 (5th Cir. 1998), providing that a bankruptcy professional can only collect fees for services provided to a bankrupt debtor that “resulted… Read More ›